Inspired by Istria and the Mediterranean.

Our story began in Plavje, a village in the City Municipality of Koper. It is located on the northernmost edge of the Istrian peninsula, on the border with Italy, on a small hill overlooking the Gulf of Trieste.

In Plavje, we grow olive trees, grapes, figs and many herbs, fruits. We are grateful to our unique location where the nature provides the best soil and temperature. This also reflected in our culture and products: warm, relaxed and premium quality. In 2014, we founded “Istrska Hiša Skupina” and started to present Istrian specialities to people around the world. Our signature products include home-made wine, olive oil, liquor, marmalade, grape juice.  


for Altrokè

The compliments and rising demands for our products has motivated us to move one step further. In 2015, we have opened two restaurants in Ljubljana old city center: Altrokè and Vino&Ribe.

Altrokè is a Mediterranean restaurant inspired by Istrian culture, located in Stari trg 19, Ljubljana. This is the former medieval part of the city and very known for its history and modern city lifestyle.  The name ‘Altrokè’ means ‘certainly’ that people use to express appreciation and confirmation in Istrian dialect. It is a great place to enjoy a drink and gourmet nibbles while soaking up the atmosphere of Ljubljana’s Old Town – either outside on the narrow cobbled street or inside under the restored red brick ceilings and glowing Edison lights. The menu is focussed on traditional cuisine from the coastal region of Istria, with a diverse selection of hot and cold dishes that all pair well with the extensive wine list.  Our house wine ‘vino čok’ is produced in the family farm, which also supply the olive oil and liquor. 

Our menu is designed with fresh seasonal ingredients and Altrokè signature dishes, such as: boškarin beef, Kraški pršut, Fonda fish from Piran and many more specialities that only this region can offer. We pay attention to special diet, offer also Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan and Gluten Free Options.

Istrska Hiša Skupina

Sari trg 19, Ljubljana
+386 820 55282


Sari trg 19, Ljubljana
+386 820 55282

Vino & Ribe

Stari trg 28, Ljubljana
+386 820 55283
Aleja Ljubljana
+3861 292 66 61

Vino Čok

Sari trg 19, Ljubljana
+386 820 55282